Vertical gardening


A very popular form of city gardens are now emerging in the form of vertical gardens on the balconies of apartments, where a wall is covered with plants. We have developed methods of vertical gardening that include self watering plant pots that will save you the hassle of regular care. 

Vertical Gardening

Here are some ideas you can use to DIY your vertical garden space;

  • Single Stand alone wall

Make use of a single wall putting up multiple planters with the help of hex wires or any durable fencing material to hold the plants. It is preferable to do this on the wall facing the sunlight so that your plants are maintained and grow well. You can also intsall small racks of ferns on the sills of the balcony.

  • Hanging pots

Use wooden planks or you can directly buy pots with handles to hang them from the grills of your balcony garden and just fixate them on the wall.

  • Recycled stuff

Wooden dressers, recycled bottles, discarded trays, all of these can be used to place little planters. An indoor vertical wall of plants can be created with some plants that might require minimal sunlight. This way there is no wastage of produce and the old stuff can be used up for ecological purposes.

Soil and commercial equipment

We now have all your gardening needs in one place to help you set up the perfect garden space for yourself.
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