Vegetable Gardening


In the aim to reduce the carbon percentage in nature we recommend using idle urban spaces to set up kitchen gardens or vegetable gardens. This is the best way you can keep healthy eating organic produce and cater to environmental needs at the same time.

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Some of the points to keep in mind before you set up a kitchen or a vegetable garden:

Firstly, chalk out a basic idea of how you want to grow your plants and the kind of vegetable plants you want to install in your garden. Look for the best spots where there is maximum penetration of sunlight i.e. upto 4-5 hours.

Decide if you want to set up raised or ground beds, make sure you are using a well drainable mixing pot and most importantly pest control.

Start with some easy to grow vegetables like tomatoes, beetroots, cucumbers, and radishes.

Keep in mind the seasons and temperatures of the vegetables you will be growing.

Go for good quality germinating seeds and plant them onto trays and transplant them only when they are about to bloom.

Use a watering can to water the plants, do not use high speed jet sprays or bucket watering since that might result in overwatering. Keeping the soil mildly moist is ideal and not soggy.

Optimize the usage of fertilizers and avoid nitrogen fertilizers use organic ones instead.

Soil and commercial equipment

We now have all your gardening needs in one place to help you set up the perfect garden space for yourself.
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