Lawn Care


We will provide you with a complete package to take  care of not only your plants but also your lawn and garden spaces. From plant care tools to decor items we have it all. Be it DIY pest control methods, pesticides, fungicides for plant care and fertilisers, organic manure and soil to stimulate growth to identify diseases and provide solutions this is the one stop shop for all your gardening needs. 

Lawn Care

Basics of  Care:

  • Rolling the lawn

This is an important step towards the maintenance of your lawn since it helps keep the grass fixated and anchored into the ground and keeps it levelled. Avoid rolling the soil when wet.

  • Weeding the Lawn

Proper weed control is important and the grass should be rid of them. This needs to be done since if the weed outgrows the grass it will make the soil sick and the grass will become coarse in nature.

  • Lawn mowing or pruning

This is a very important function where the frequency is determined by the growth rate of the grass during each season. Proper tools are needed to achieve the best size of the grass, buy the best available lawn mowers in India.

  • Sweeping, Scraping and Raking your lawn

These are a few pretty important steps for you to follow to keep your lawn maintained.  Scraping is done to avoid the soil 

lawn care

getting woody, you can buy a sickle online to do this. Raking is done to help aerate the soil, same way buy a rake online in India to do this.

  • Watering the lawn

Lastly but most importantly optimal watering of the lawn is required to keep it healthy and porous for plants to grow seamlessly.

Soil and commercial equipment

We now have all your gardening needs in one place to help you set up the perfect garden space for yourself.
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