Flower Plantation


Flowering plants essentially hype up the aesthetic of the place they are in, with our specially curated plant bundles you can also incorporate some flowering plants indoors as well. The aromatic essence of these plants helps calm your senses and gives a pleasant environment in the house.

Here are some useful tips of flower plantation to make sure your flower beds grow properly:

  • Selection of the place

Sunlight is an essential characteristic for growth of flowering plants. Set up your flower pots in the sunniest space of your garden for the best results.

  • Soil, Transplantation and use of Fertilizers

The soil needs to be deeply drained, porous and properly tilled and should not have any kind of acidic elements.

Make sure you transplant the plants from the seedling trays to the flower beds only when they are almost about to flower not before.

Organic fertilizers and humus are advised and nitrogen induced fertilizers must be avoided for flowering plants.

  • Watering

After transplantation has been done regular watering must be done followed by weeding and hoeing.

Soil and commercial equipment

We now have all your gardening needs in one place to help you set up the perfect garden space for yourself.
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