Green Wall

Green wall

In recent years, green walls have become a popular new trend in the built environment. Incorporating living nature into urban surroundings improves the aesthetics of the area and serves a variety of additional uses.

There is a perfect green wall for practically any situation, whether indoors or outdoors, free-standing or wall-attached. There are numerous benefits of having green walls in a space, for example:

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Living walls appeal to our intrinsic want to be in nature, making us happier and more productive. Bringing natural components into locations where they aren't often seen improves our mood and makes us more alert and cheery. Nature has also been found to reduce undesirable behaviors such as anger and anxiety in studies.

  • The visual advantages of a living wall cannot be overstated.
  • The eye-catching pieces can make a huge impression when it comes to adorning an urban environment built of concrete and bricks,
  • Purifying and naturalizing air effectively and reducing stress and mental tiredness.

You may make your green wall with the help of farmetos. As a firm, we take pride in offering a variety of gardening solutions to meet the needs of all garden enthusiasts. You can grow anything on your wall if you know what you're doing and have a little help. Farmetos is always there to help you with this.

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Urban gardening and growing plants on the wall is a newer concept for all of us. But if you want to give your home a natural touch, Farmetos is ready to provide its services.

  • Understanding the available space is essential. Thus, we take further steps only after consulting with you.
  • You can also create customizable green walls and multiple green walls.
  • Don't worry if you face any issues. Our 24/7 assistance is always there.
  • We cater a variety of services, to know more contact us.