You can customise your own garden with our services where we will be providing everything you need. From indoor to outdoor plants, pots, planters and decor items as per your choice, soil and manure, gardening tools,plants care items and much more


There are a few gardening essentials every avid gardener must have in their garden maintenance closet. Listing some of the important ones;

  • Pruner / pruning shears

This is the most important and a very basic gardening tool. These help you cut through the wood and maintain healthy plant growth. Invest in a good pair of pruning shears and you can get them easily online.

  • Transplants

This goes for all purposes such as breaking up big blocks of soil, mixing, scooping etc. Trowels are a very essential gardening tool which are a one time investment and can be bought online.

  • Raking tools

Used for various different purposes like  aerating the soil, mixing tight soil, uprooting weeds and adding compost to the top soil layer, digging etc. All kinds of raking tools are available online in India.

  • Watering can

There is always the way of bucket watering but that generally results in overwatering and wastage as well. The pores of the watering can check the outflow of water and helps water your plants optimally without hindering the soil or any overwatering issues.

Soil and commercial equipment

We now have all your gardening needs in one place to help you set up the perfect garden space for yourself.
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