Commercial & Residentials Garden Maintenance


We provide our customers with all types of gardening equipment for both residential and commercial purposes. We have created specific plant bundles for your work and home spaces. Our experts will help you pick out the best plants that go with either work spaces or residential spaces.

Commercial & Residentials Garden Maintenance

Some of the best plants suited to indoor spaces :

Snake Plant Laurentii, rubber tree, aloe vera, monstera deliciosa, spider plants, philodendron green, and many more.

These cater to your healthy living needs and need basic maintenance.

Indoor plants generally thrive well on minimal sunlight and watering, however, there might arise problems of overwatering at times and infestation.

The problem of overwatering can be solved by underwatering your indoor plants.

attentively and the infestation can be kept in check with the use of proper commercial plant pest controls or even spraying with neem oil will keep them away.

Most indoor plants like philodendrons need indirect sunlight and are pretty low maintenance.

However, if you spot the leaves of your indoor plants’ yellowing it might be due to overwatering. ​although it does not have any major effect on the plants


About placing your plants in your house keep in mind some of them require humidity and moist soil, thus placing them in the corners and shelves of your house may work out well. Plants like snake plants are moisture-resistant and take up very little space, these are the most ideal plants for extremely indoor spaces.

Soil and commercial equipment.

We now have all your gardening needs in one place to help you set up the perfect garden space for yourself.
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